Eyebrow Wax

Say no to the monobrow! Eyebrows are waxed into a neat but natural style.
Price: 15

Nasal Wax

A quick and addictive wax. You will never need to use a nose clippers again!
Price: 12

Ears Wax

Price: 12

Eyebrow, Nasal & Ears Wax

Price: 30

Underarm Wax

Price: 15

Full Arm Wax

Price: 40

Chest Wax

From €30

Back Wax

From €30

Buttock Wax

Price: 35

Leg Wax

Price: 60


All hair is removed from scrotum, bum and cheeks (if desired). Some hair remains on top, either a strip or more natural triangle shape.
Price: 65


Male Hollywood wax. Totally bare, all hair is removed including buttocks.
Price: 70