Pregnancy Waxing with Waxperts!

Waxperts Pregnancy Waxing

Waxperts Wax is the most painfree wax out there made by a therapist for therapists. It is perfect wax for all sensitive skins, especially when pregnant because it has a lower melting temperature, which means it causes little or no redness. The whole Waxperts Wax range is lavender and chamomile based, including the pre and post oils that soothe the skin before, during and after a wax treatment. Perfect for prenancy waxing!

Is it safe to wax during pregnancy?

“Yes, completely. Regular clients who have always waxed, don't and shouldn't stop when pregnant. Pregnant clients who would normally shave or use hair removal creams, but with a big belly to contend with towards the end, it’s a much easier solution to get a Waxperts Wax to make sure they are super smooth for the birth and for the days directly after. There’s no regrowth a few hours later or itchiness that occurs from shaving and hair removal creams. It is always good practice to go through a new consultation form with pregnant clients, to ensure that they have not developed any contraindications throughout their pregnancy that may restrict or prevent a wax treatment."

What wax is used?

“We use Waxperts Hot Wax for all sensitive areas like face, underarm and most of all bikini waxing. This wax is super gentle and peels away from the skin rather then ripping off with paper strip. Hot peelable wax should always be used for bikini waxing, because obviously there is a lot more blood flow and sensitivity to the bikini area when pregnant. The gentler the treatment, the better. Waxperts Strip Wax is then perfect for the larger surface areas, like legs and arms.”

What is the most popular bikini wax amongst pregnant clients?

“The most popular bikini wax for mothers-to-be is the Hollywood, which is all pubic hair including the bum removed. But really it is totally up to the client and what they feel they want to go for. We recommend pregnant clients who’ve never waxed before, to start waxing a few months prior to their labour wax, then they can start off with an basic bikini wax and work their way up to the more specialized intimate bikini waxes. If anyone is unsure of what treatment to choose, it's always best to go through the different bikini types before beginning the treatment and pick the bikini wax that will feel most comfortable for the client.”

What happens during a 'pregnancy wax'?

“The exact same thing that happens with every other wax. The only difference with any pregnant clients is to make an extra effort to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible. That begins with making sure the treatment room should be airy and the head of treatment bed should be slightly tilted so the client is not lying completely flat. Extra time should be allocated to the treatment, in case the client has limited mobility or needs to sit up from time to time during the treatment."

Are the any specific aftercare instructions for pregnancy waxing?

“No, not really. The same aftercare rules apply. The client should just make sure to keep her waxed skin clean and cool for the next 24hours. That means no hot baths/showers, no swimming, no exercise and no lotions/tans applied. Then if they can, exfoliate the area 2-3 times weekly. Waxing appointments should be every 4-6 weeks during pregnancy. Post-baby clients can wax once they get the all clear from their doctor at their 6 week check up and for clients who have had a caesarean delivery, we can wax as much possible while avoiding the scar until 6 months has passed.”

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